Back to blogging!

I am so excited that finally, I have a chance to blog again after so many years. Now…what to write? ha!ha! 😁😳☺️

I’ll start off with a photo that I took a few years ago. I could say that it’s one of my cherished photo of Mt. Fuji during Springtime. This picture perfect view makes me want to go back and take more pictures of Fuji-san. It is Indeed Japans most popular attraction and one of the world’s most beautiful mountain.


My First post for 2019

92d83430-73e0-4f43-8461-88d91fd566f0It has been a while (again) since my last post. The past few months were surreal and overwhelming. I finally enrolled and got back to school after 20 plus years. It has always been my dream to finish my schooling, but for some circumstance, I was not given a chance, not until now. My family influenced me to go back and complete my education. Looking back last January, I have had mixed emotions and doubts on my mind during the enrollment process. I know for sure that the style of education now is way different than it was years ago. On top of that, it is far more technology-based nowadays not to mention that I am in a different country, so the culture also is different. Those were really my concerns before attending College. Thankfully the enrollment process was easy, smooth and fast. The next thing I knew I was already enrolled and waiting for my first class. Fast forward, and it is now my first day of summer vacation yey! And I just found out about my final grades, except for one more subject whew. Overall, I had a remarkable semester, very supportive teachers and have met quite a few fantastic colleagues. 


The Big Move

Time indeed flies so fast, exactly 3 years 8 months and a few days ago,  we moved from Japan to the beautiful State of Tennessee. Yep! quite a big move.

10 hours flight from Tokyo to LAX and another couple of hours from LAX to our destination. At 8:55 pm, we are exhausted that we just want to grab our luggage and proceed directly to our rented car. As we make ourselves comfy, we noticed that the car got no GPS. Now, what?!!! My DH got some printed maps and assure us that it is going to be fine. SIDE NOTE: DH got his Drivers license in Japan, and obviously this is his first time driving in the US. We were driving really slow and luckily no police cars. We got the right exit but took the wrong turn. After asking a few shops finally we got to our hotel safe and sound.

Thinking back, like how did we pull it off?! No GPS?! like seriously. I forgot to mention that our mobile phones work only with a wifi connection arghhhh! Guess what we purchase first the next day? Mobile Phones! lol. Also, It snowed for a couple of days and they needed to cancel school for 2 weeks.

The snow welcomed our family in a way 😉IMG_6215

Posted in TN.

Sweet Pleasures

Weekly WordPress Challenge: SWEET

blog I am a self-confessed sweetaholic. This is my weakness and I know there is no cure. My DH and the rest of my family have accepted it a long time ago. They do not have a choice but to give in to my vice. ha!ha! Honestly, it is my comfort food. ALWAYS 😉

From French macaron, pancake(various toppings), Ice cream, Cheesecake, Chocolate, Biscuit, Cookie (pryaniki) etc.! I want them all.

Consumption Advice: Eat moderately